What is Running Solutions?

Running Solutions is a queer-created, actual-play tabletop RPG podcast based around Shadowrun and branching out in various directions. It is hosted by internet friend Ruben Ferdinand and stars a panel of fools and dunderheads. Please do not consume while operating heavy machinery.


Shadowrun is a tabletop roleplaying game set in an science fiction cyberpunk universe! Magic, cybertechnology and fantasy creatures coexist in the rainy, capitalist neofuture. Originally published in 1989, Shadowrun is currently in its 6th incarnation (Anarchy) and is considered a mainstay in the tabletop roleplaying world. For our crew, it is a fantastic opportunity to tell new and interesting stories. For more information, check out the website for Catalyst Games, the publisher.

What's the podcast about?

The short answer is a bunch of idiots clowning around. The long answer, we're all collectively interested in telling cool stories that bring up things not usually discussed in actual-play podcasts or Shadowrun campaigns in general - we value storytelling and human interaction over hardcore adherence to the rules and system of the game. Cyberpunk as a genre has an enormous breadth of themes to explore! Queer relationships, posthumanism/transhumanism, deconstruction of capitalist society, catboys...

Where can I listen?

Episodes are uploaded bi-monthly on iTunes, Stitcher and our YouTube channel. They have a NSFW rating, so don't let your kids listen unless they're cool.

Can I draw fan art?

Please validate our tomfoolery (yes).

What if I have another question?

Feel free to contact us on Twitter at @runsolpodcast with any queries.