Healthgoth stoner cat and professional sneakboy. Has an extensive collection of gay manga. Will steal your valuables but gives good kisses so it's totally cool. Romani-German.

Player: Nate.


Resident cyberdeck jockey and emotionally turmoiled teen. Loves ancient memes and MMORPGs, not a fan of ghosts. Japanese-American.

Player: Sam.


Elf cyborg. Gun enthusiast. Stern Brit. Battlemom of the year 2077. Like Bayonetta, but plausible.

Player: Lucas


Otherworldly Irish troll priest. Blind (if Nox doesn't keep forgetting). Everybody's favorite magic user.

Player: Nox.


Hear an NPC? That's Ruben. Hear one with an accent that sounds half-Brooklyn, half-Amsterdam? That's especially Ruben.